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Kyabram Honour Board 4's Winners
Sponsored by Bendigo Bank.
Robert George, Kelvin Hubble, Brett Wright, Ray Emerson

From The President

Welcome to the new season for lawn bowlers.

 Your newly elected committee of management will embark on a number of innovative ideas with the objective to attract new bowlers and increase participation by our existing membership.  Keep a look out on this site for social and bowling events.  We will be making improvements across a number of the club facilities.  The two Tifton dwarf greens are in excellent condition as witnessed with green keeper, Graeme King being awarded the runner up position in the Victorian green keepers award. We believe that we must continue to present our club members and the community at large with impressive facilities.

My best wishes to all members for the coming season.  May your bowls do your bidding, more often than not and may you enjoy the fellowship of your club. 

Malcolm WILLIAMS (President)

From The Coach

It’s that time of the year again, find the bowls bag, the uniform and head to the bowls club to catch up with old friends or to meet new ones. Whatever the case maybe I wish you all the very best.
I would like to welcome our new members and those members that are returning to the club for another season, let us all work together in making this season one to enjoy both on and off the green.
Thursday Night will again be the main pennant practice night, along with Tuesday night and I will be available by appointment for one on one sessions if required. 
Thursday Night will commence at 4.30pm till late with a BBQ running during the evening along with our members draw. I have listed below some key thoughts for this year, I will also be adding some drills to the web page to print off and complete at your own leisure. They are not a requirement but will assist you in improving your game and to grow an array of different shots that are needed in a game of bowls.
Consistency is the name of the game, and the only way you can maintain a high level of consistency is to practice/train, work as a team and support each other. A practice / training session should be held every week, try to practice with your team mates whenever you can. It’s all about making an effort for each other.


• Always keep a positive frame of mind with positive self-talk e.g. Replace “I hope I get this” with “I am going to get this” etc. Eliminate negative thoughts.

• Eliminate negative body language; other teams will only feed on this.

• If you play a bad bowl: analyse what you did wrong, assess what you need to do next time and forget about it because it’s GONE, concentrate on your next bowl. 

• Only worry about things you have control of. Too many people worry about things out of their control like the wind, the green, opposition, lucky bowls etc.

• Please don’t get caught up in criticising your own team mates regarding shot selection or bad bowls, everyone is trying their best for the team. 

Support your team mates

• Not everyone is going to play well all the time, if someone is struggling don’t alienate them, encourage and support them. You all need to learn each of the player’s characteristics in your team to know how to support and encourage them in the right way when they need it. 

Echo effect

• If you hear a name called out, call it out again. This provides much support for your teammates. 

Own the rink

• Stand together as a rink and support every bowl in play.

• The outside two rinks should stand on the inside of the rink closest to the middle rink to make it easier to support your team mates on the next rink. This also spreads the other team apart. The middle rink can alternate. 

Play as a team

• You are a team of 16, not four individual rinks, always consider the overall board

• Sometimes it is best to drop one and consider the overall than to play risky shots when not required. 

Building Heads

• The leads and seconds do not have to get shot every end, they need to have bowls in the head that can be worked with. Skips should build the head to eliminate the chance of losing numbers.

Wasted bowls

• This is the downfall of many teams; you need to eliminate wasted bowls by making sure you fully concentrate on every bowl as if it is the match winner.

• Be accountable for your position, don’t rely on the player following you to fix it, you set it up for them. 

Game plan

• In your rinks have a chat prior to the game and work out a length you want to target. Also discuss each other’s strengths and weaknesses so this can be considered during the game.

• Get back to basics, bowls in the head, no short bowls, support and encourage each other.

• Enjoy yourself, don’t try too hard by trying to force it to happen, relax and let it happen! Good bowling. 

David Cartwright, Coach

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